Cancer: Prevention is the Best Cure.
by Phillip Day

Cancer is a parable that tells us how mankind’s wonderful technology gave us cheap new convenience foods, stripped of goodness, and great new chemical products, packed with carcinogens, which began to kill us.

The huge rise in incidences of cancer and other degenerative diseases are primarily due to the depleted vitamin/mineral content in today’s western diet coupled with environmental/chemical toxin factors. The cancer prevention message is extremely important. Prevention IS the best cure. In fact, imagine never having to deal with cancer. Imagine not dying a miserable death at 58, but living to 94, and not in a retirement home either. Imagine living into old age with all your marbles, fully alert and mobile, able to enjoy exercise, holidays, outings, filling the crowning twilight years of your life with your grandchildren and great grandchildren around you. It’s a dream all of us consider wistfully, but reality and cancer are the two harbingers that all too often tear this fragile dream to shreds.

Often I have likened cancer to an overflowing sink. When we approach it, do we first reach for the mop or the tap? Modern medicine is constantly mopping and tends not to seek an underlying nutritional cause to the metabolic problem of cancer because most doctors are not trained to understand the implications of nutrition.

We must discover for ourselves the vital roles nutrition and clean-living play in the battle against cancer. Turning off the tap means surrounding ourselves with less toxins that damage us. This means turning to common household and personal care items that do not contain alien agents that will harm us. It means eating foods that are contamination- and organophosphate-free. It means brushing our teeth with paste that doesn’t contain the mother of all bugaboos, sodium fluoride. It means cleaning up our act as far as humanly possible.

Most people have no idea what the personal care products they use every day are doing to them. Health concerns are continually being raised about the ingredients in shampoos, toothpastes, skin creams and other personal care products. In fact, researchers in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and the US say many ingredients in personal care products may be related to premature baldness, cataract formation, environmental cancers, contact dermatitis and possible eye-damage in young children.

Potentially harmful compounds that are present in products we use every day:
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Propylene Glycol. Diethanolamine (DEA), Fluorides, Alcohol, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), aluminium, Animal Fat (Tallow), Bentonite, Butane, Collagen, Dioxin, Fluorocarbons, Formaldahyde, Glycerin, Koalin, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Propane, Talc.
At the same time as we can reduce toxins, our bodies are craving proper no-nonsense nutrition containing adequate antioxidants, vitamins and most importantly, the building blocks of the human body - minerals. Our bodies use minerals as raw material. These cannot be manufactured by the body and so have to be present in the foods and liquids we ingest. Sadly, as mentioned previously, our food chain is severely depleted of minerals, resulting in over 150 nutritional deficiency diseases that are now striking our societies with increasing intensity. The answer is a good quality colloidal mineral supplement – colloidal for low molecular weight resulting in rapid and almost total absorption, as opposed to metallic mineral products in tablet form available from your local vitamin store, which have a remarkably poor absorption rate.
To combat this very real health threat, vitamin and mineral supplementation of these vital factors is not some quaint health fad, it is quite literally a matter of life and death - yours and mine.
Can we beat cancer? Yes. It’s already done. The knowledge to conquer cancer was understood many decades ago, but the facts never made it to the public domain until recently. The medical establishment claims that solid headway is being made against cancer. However the dismal survival statistics for traditional cancer treatments paint an entirely different picture; one where studies repeatedly show that toxic chemotherapy and radiation are not extending life in any of the major cancers. Existing treatments are failing to address an underlying nutritional defect. Turning off the nutritional deficiency with good quality vitamins and minerals of high absorbability ensures the body has the raw materials to maintain or rebuild health.

We are now in an environment where we have many assaults coming against us. We pick up oxygen molecules through pollution; these are known as free radicals. A rogue free radical is simply an unpaired oxygen molecule that’s seeking a mate. Free radicals rob oxygen molecules from healthy cells, which in turn degrades the cell and the cell dies. It has long been known that if you give these oxidation elements oxygen, then they complete themselves and in many cases are reduced down to water which the body can expel. These beneficial supplements are known as antioxidants. Our bodies produce antioxidants normally, if given the raw materials to do so The problem is, by the time you get to 40, you have about half the antioxidant level you had at 18 and by time your are 70 you are down to about 10 –12 %. This is why after 40 we start to see certain health problems. They can’t all be traced back to free radicals, but there is a basic problem with pollution in our society today. Free radicals are especially dangerous for cancer sufferers. Antioxidants neutralize the damage caused by free radicals. Some very powerful antioxidants are grape seed extract, maritime pine bark, selenium, and curcuminoids - nature’s most powerful and aggressive antioxidant.

Decades ago, scientists discovered that cancer was a chronic metabolic deficiency disease, like scurvy and pellagra. It was being exacerbated by environmental toxins (carcinogens), but was primarily being caused not by something, but by the absence of a key element in the diet of modern man. Biochemist Ernst Krebs surmised that cancer was, in effect, a healing process that simply was not terminated by pancreatic enzymes upon completion of its task due to poor nutrition. The missing component, named Vitamin B17 (laetrile) by Krebs, was heralded as the answer to cancer by some of the world’s leading biochemists. They showed conclusively that by reintroducing this missing nutrient into the diet of cancer sufferers, along with other nutritional factors, the disease could, in most cases, be immediately regressed or extinguished altogether.

Apple seeds, alfalfa sprouts, apricot kernels, bamboo shoots, barley, beet tops, bitter almond, blackberries, boysenberries, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, buckwheat, cashews, cherry kernels, cranberries, currants, fava beans, flax seeds, garbanzo beans, gooseberries, huckleberries, lentils, lima beans, linseed meat, loganberries, macadamia nuts, millet, millet seed, peach kernels, pecans, plum kernels, quince, raspberries, sorghum cane syrup, spinach, sprouts (alfalfa, lentil, mung bean, buckwheat, garbanzo), strawberries, walnuts, watercress, yams.
(for more information on specific cancer treatments, see Cancer- Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth by Phillip Day)

Note: In some countries such as Australia, Apricot Kernels (a very high source of B17) are listed as a poison and prohibited from sale or use.
In this instance a diet containing a variety of the above foods is adequate as a maintenance level of B17 and would be adequate in a preventative role. In the case where cancer has been diagnosed, it is recommended to find to find a qualified metabolic therapist either in Australia or travel to where Apricot Kernels are available eg UK, Mexico.