Eve Hillary

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Beyond the Toxic Harvest: a chemical poisoning survivor journey, beating the odds and making miracles.

Eve Hillary was transplanted as a teenager, from her native America, to Australia, and in a few short years, she was catapulted from her career in healthcare into a glamorous career as a fashion model. But it was her marriage to Bill, a successful businessman and yachtsman that launched her into the glittering social set of the international yacht racing fraternity. For a while, they enjoyed an affluent lifestyle that included multiple homes, a yacht and an outback cattle ranch the size of a small country. After Bill relocated the family to the outback property, he was often away on business trips, leaving Eve alone at the isolated homestead with their two children. There, she discovered the dark and dangerous side of the outback when she had to protect her children from armed intruders - but when she and her sons were poisoned, their lives began to unravel.

To save her family, Eve had to sacrifice almost everything and undertake a complete personal transformation. Against all odds, she took on the medical and regulatory establishment and then went on to help spearhead the wellness movement. Her true story carries a powerful message about environmental health, safe consumer choices, and shows how to achieve wellness and maintain balance in a toxic world.


Eve Hillary ND, BHSc. MA, is a best selling author, journalist and health care professional. She started her health career in 1977 as an RN and worked more than 10 years in Neurosurgical Intensive Care.

After a serious personal health challenge that threatened to severely restrict, or even end, her professional and personal life, Eve relentlessly searched for answers. After several years, she finally recovered her health using Integrative Medicine - a combination of conventional and complementary medicine. This inspired Eve to return to study and complete a BHSc. Degree in Complementary Medicine. In 2001 she co-founded, with a medical partner, a successful and popular integrative medical clinic.

Eve’s first book, Children of a Toxic Harvest, was published in 1997 and nominated for the Eureka Award. The book went on to become a best seller and contributed to the mass awareness that has become the environmental movement of today. It has influenced a change in Australian consumer choices to less toxic personal care products and created a greater awareness of environmental and personal health. This is the much anticipated updated version of that book where the story continues to unfold.