Free Guide to use Generic Information

ProActive Health is an independent producer of health information. We are not linked to any company or manufacturer of consumer products. This means our information is general or generic. Generic information does not contain any reference to specific brand names or manufacturers. It may refer to ingredients that are used in various products.

Our information is carefully researched, and backed up by experts in their field. The aim of the material we produce is to inform the public of a number of health issues that do not receive a great deal of media attention.

People with their own health businesses often use our publications to raise public awareness of health issues. They then present the consumer with a health-oriented solution linked to their own specific businesses.

The benefit in using our independently produced or 3rd party material is that it is exactly that - independent and impartial. Generic information can be more strongly worded and can have much more impact. This is partly because the producer or manufacturer of a specific brand is limited in what they can say about the ingredients in their products. The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has specific guidelines about what can be said about many ingredients in the complimentary medicines that they have approved. ( Yet it is permissible to present more powerful and detailed information in a generic fashion where no manufacture or product names are mentioned.

Generic information can be used in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

1. Health & Wealth Used as an initial introduction, gauging people's interest in their health. Generic information can be given to acquaintances to create interest in a health issue, such as why supplements might be necessary in today's world. The consumer may express interest in that issue. The generic information can then be followed up with information about the specific products that person sells and the possible business opportunities.

2. Wealth & Health Sometimes people are already excited about the ‘wealth' aspect of network marketing and need more information about the specific nature or thrust of that business. The beauty of our DVDs and booklets here is that they fit easily into a duplicatable system and make it very easy to educate distributors.

3. Ongoing Education Customers or distributors may begin by using only a few products. Our DVDs, booklets etc are an ideal way to extend the range of products and issues that they are aware of. By drip feeding people extra information they gradually become more informed and committed to the various products.


This is page one of our comprehensive guide click here for a printable and freely copiable FAQ about generic material.