Book- The Rainbow Diet


335 pages 2014 edition. The Rainbow Diet and how it can help you Beat Cancer. A powerful and effective way to beat cancer and maintain optimum health.


The Rainbow Diet Book to prevent and fight cancer

This powerful Rainbow Diet Book is based on both the colourful Mediterranean diet and the French Paradox. It’s the one real diet that is supported by research, time and time again. Indeed, there is more quality research – real life and laboratory research – behind this diet than all the others put together. Fact. 

It’s a common but dangerous mistake to think it is just about colourful vegetables – it is also about fat, types of fat, carbohydrates and types of carbohydrate that are good or bad for you.

Every year we update the book as more research comes out. Research on
* cancer prevention;
* on preventing chronic illnesses;
* on increasing cancer survival times.

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